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February 15, 2011

I woke up this morning… craving…


Maybe it was the 50 degree weather yesterday or that a warbler was singing outside my window and the robins have returned…en masse!

I need spring!

When I think of spring…energizing color…I go to Dash and Albert RugsPine Cone Hill Bedding

image sources...Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert, Timzou Gallerie (tumblr)


Annie  has a great palette of colorful products that speak ‘SPRING’ to me…

Annie Selke’s Favorite Colors

Robin’s-egg blue: “It goes with everything.”

Pink: “It’s flattering, it’s pretty and I’m a girl.”

Green: “I love it. It’s the glue that holds all the other colors together, like the leaves on trees or flowers. Green is an organic ‘connector’ color. It comes in so many shades and is calming and refreshing all at the same time!”

(via Washington Post)

image sources...Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert, Timzou Gallerie (tumblr)


image sources...Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert, Timzou Gallerie (tumblr)


Spring and Summer lively hues…

“The first word that comes to mind is ‘happy,’ ” Stephen Drucker, former editor of House Beautiful magazine, says of Selke’s look. “The second word is ‘comfortable.’ The third, ‘casual.’ She’s like the American decorating equivalent to good jeans and a good T-shirt to me. . . . It’s hard to imagine having a bad day in an Annie Selke room.” 

(via Washington Post)

While I enjoy natural, neutral decor (Commitment Phobia!)…

image sources...Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert, Timzou Gallerie (tumblr)


A neutral background can be ‘enlivened’… Just add color using products from Dash and Albert and Pine Cone Hill.  A ‘no-brainer’ for me!!!

image sources...Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert, Timzou Gallerie (tumblr)


Annie Selke not only has Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert Rugs but a variety of licensed product lines as well… furniture and fabrics..,

Vanguard Furniture

Calico Corners

A  great designer with New England roots!  She was at UVM while I was attending Champlain College and we did meet briefly a few times… who knew how famous she would become!  Currently the following magazine issues are featuring her products…

Be sure to  look out for Annie’s  new book due out in August…

A favorite Pine Cone Hill bed…

One of my all time favorites...Uma available in brights!

Selke says she finds inspiration for her designs everywhere. The Uma Resist bedding pattern from her Pine Cone Hill company was inspired by an antique Chinese fabric, the motif on the Madeline quilt from a 1940s silk dressing gown. The idea for the Dash & Albert Scroll rug came from a gate in Charleston, S.C. Inside the company warehouse are approximately 5,000 pieces of vintage and antique linens, dresses, tickings, quilts, blankets, lace, silks and paisleys that Selke has picked up from antiques markets all around the world.

“I like things that are timeless and authentic but still fresh,” she says.

Part of Selke’s appeal is that her products are designed not only to be enjoyed, but also to stand up to reality-based living. Life is messy, especially with children and pets, and Selke designs from experience. She has a teenage daughter and three dogs. “Everything is washable,” she says.     

(via Washington Post)



A Post Valentine Day wish…

May you carry Love in your heart not only on Valentine' s Day but EVERY DAY!

A Reminder…

image sources...Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert, Zinc Studio Design, Timzou Gallerie (tumblr)

Be sure to enter the Zinc Design Give-Away by February 25th

for the Acanthus Leaf Sconce…

Acanthus Leaf Fragment Sconce



To enter, please….

1) Go to

2) Leave feedback… here at zincdesign.wordpress…

What style portable lighting are you loving this year?  What ‘found object’  would you like to see as a lamp,sconce or pendant?

3) Add Zinc Studio to your blog roll.

4) Mention this give-away on your blog.

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  1. February 16, 2011 9:51 pm

    Ugh, just got home from Boston and reading blogs while unwinding and I love Pine Cone Hill! Funny you should mention spring because I have a fly buzzing about my kitchen ,where the dickens did he come from? I know where he’s going…lol. Question: The pictures up above with your logo on them, is that from your home? Very pretty!

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