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Sunday in January – Thanks for the Inspiration!

January 31, 2010


To all of my favorite bloggers mentioned here in my new blog:
You are all tremendously talented, insightful, creative and energetic people who have inspired me to pursue the life I have always imagined and for one reason (or excuse) have never been able to “GO FOR IT!” For the inspiration and beauty you all create…Thank You!!! 

What inspirations!!! Follow me on my journey…
Exploring my dreams…my loves, my aspirations! 

Zinc, in minute amounts, is essential for life;
Industrially, zinc is mainly used in the galvanization of steel.
Decoratively it adds a grounding presence to any room or arrangement. I love that it is cool to the touch but adds warmth at the same time! A little touch of this metal adds a big impact to any vignette or room setting. I love a zinc top table engorged with plants, terrariums, French pottery and fresh flowers. Here are some zinc treasures you are sure to enjoy below. 


a. Zinc Clock – 1st Dibs
b. Moss Ball Topiaries – NDI
c. Obelisk- Leatherwood Antiques
d. Lantern-Troy Lighting
e. Zinc Table- 1st Dibs
f. Zinc Window Frame – 1st Dibs
g. Pebble Pigeons – Aiden Gray
h. Zinc Skull – 1st Dibs
j. Lightning rod Floor lamp – 1st Dibs
k. Acanthus Prop – Kim Ficus 

Some of my favorite vendors also carry great accoutrements ….
Aiden Gray 



Appley Hoare has this great piece …would be a fabulous lamp… 


I’ll leave you with my dream house….. 

(Source Unknown)


Have a great week… 

Cheers to dreams! 


P.S.  Todays Finds 

From Battersea - 1st Dibs Sailors Duffle


Leatherwood Antiques – Medal Shape Shop Sig

Esty-Berge Lithograph

7 Comments leave one →
  1. February 1, 2010 5:25 pm

    Hello Laurie!

    Thanks for your email today and I am sending all good wishes your way for your new blog. It is a wonderful blog world and I look forward to reading your’s. You have made a beautiful start and I love zinc!! Welcome!!!!

    • February 1, 2010 11:42 pm

      Thank you for your wishes… Thanks for giving my new blog a look, I hope you continue as I have alot of new plans and am anxious to share and also receive comments! Again, thank you!

  2. February 1, 2010 8:10 pm

    Hi Laurie. Welcome, thank you, and congratulations to a great start. You hit my nail right on the head…love your sources, all. Best wishes, Trish (Trouvais)

    • February 1, 2010 11:40 pm

      Thank you for your wishes..still working on getting the hang of this new world. I hope that I pass on what I’ve learned and have yet to learn about the design business in a meaningful way as you have! Again, thank you!

  3. February 2, 2010 2:24 pm

    Hi Laurie!

    What a delightful first post- I loved the quotes you included, and also the explanation of your blog name! I too love zinc as a design element! I look forward to reading your blog!
    I am very honored to be on your blog list- thank you!

    Laurie, would you happen to be in NH also? Your listing of Jocie’s shop ‘Red Chair’ made me curious!

    all the best,

    • February 3, 2010 1:09 am

      Thank you for your nice words and yes- I am a fellow New Hampshire-ite! We are so blessed to have shops like Jocie’s and I love Bowerbirds as well, often planning trips to both of these shops with lunch at Twelve Pine. My Son lives in Peterborough, so I am there almost weekly! I have missed reading new posts from you lately – I relate to your love of old houses, especially those that need and deserve love. I am glad that you are enjoying our beautiful state and hope that I get the opporunity to meet you someday! Again, thank you for your kind words!

  4. February 14, 2010 9:51 pm

    Sounds like you feel about Rockport as I did about Newburyport when I lived there. Love it, feel it, hope to move back some day!

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